I am always trying to improve the learning process for my students and so I appreciate the feedback that they give. Here is some of what they have said regarding my recent Wake Tech and other classes. If you are one of my past or current students, I would love to hear your comments suggestions for improvement. My email is: art@artpolingce.com

Post Licensing and CE Classes: 

“Art’s knowledge and presentation of the topics made it much easier to absorb.”

“I enjoy your command of the material.”

“You present it in an easy to learn way and takes the time to make sure everyone “gets it”!”

“You gave one of the best, if not the best, most interesting BIC Update courses I have attended.”

“The atmosphere is casual allowing for comfortable learning experiences practical and management experience to the classroom.”

“Your presentation, knowledge of the topics and the way you related them to everyday Real Estate life applications made a big difference to me.”

“You always make me enjoy the time in class.”

Survey Responses from Pre-licensing Classes at Wake Tech

Instructor is excellent. The best you can have.
Would recommend highly. Instructor went above and beyond in attempts to support class with time and information.
Instructor went beyond his requirements to help students learn.
Skilled instructor.
A lot of information in a short amount of time!
The instructor went out of his way to prepare the students by giving extra material and making extra time for instruction.

Experience and knowledge of instructor.
Fit with my schedule.
Good instructor but there is a lot of information we have to learn in a short period of time.
Instructor using real life examples/scenarios to further understanding of material.